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Hello, Earthlings!  I'm

Muhammad Fajar Rafif

I'm a Motion Graphic Designer & 2D Artist based in Surabaya, Indonesia (UTC+7).
Currently I'm working on a game called The Chef's Shift as the Lead Artist & UI/UX Designer.

I've been doing art since I was a child, and my UnBriDLeD PaSsioN for art eventually brought me to Universitas Negeri Surabaya where I studied Visual Communication Design. Since then, I've been providing a wide variety of services, ranging from digital illustrations to explainer motion graphics.

Though motion graphics are my strong suit, I'd like to call myself a generalist. So, I'm capable of 2D Motion Graphics (from concept to the end-product), Video Editing, 2D Vector Illustration, Graphic Design, and 3D Modelling. I can deliver them fast, while still maintaining a satisfying look on the final result. Prepped with years of artistry knowledge & hands-on experience under my belt, I'm confident that I can bring your ideas to life.

In my free time, I transform into your average twenty-something gamer boy playing video games at night, listening to music, & watching cute cat videos, with occasional pondering about the meaning of life.

Work Experience

Panitia GameDev

since 2022

Part-time Lead Artist & UI/UX Designer 

Jumpshot Singapore

since 2022

Part-time Video Editor


Part-time Animator

Suzana Radio Network


Contracted Video Editor (1 month)

The Wanderer SUB


Part-time Graphic Designer

Titik Pintar


Full-time Animator 

Sekolah Alam Insan Mulia


Part-time Motion Graphic Lecturer



Motion Graphic Intern (3 months)


Toge Game Fund Initiative


Game Developing incubation & prototype funding program

GameJam+ 2022 Incubation


Game Developing incubation program

Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Formal Education, Visual Communication Design - Bachelor Degree / S1


Illustration - Design

Digital Vector Art - Graphic Design - Photo Editing

Animation - Videomaking

Motion Graphic Design - Video Editing - Storyboarding

3D Modelling

3D Hard Surface Modelling

Game Developing

Game Design - Project Management

Technical Skills

Illustration - Design

Inkscape - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Figma

Animation - Videomaking

Adobe After Effects - Adobe Premiere - LottieFiles

3D Modelling

Blender - Cinema 4D

Project Management

Trello - Notion - Figma


GameMaker Studio 2 (GML)

My Achievements

GameJam+ 2023 | Dice Dash

Best Game - Best Art - Best Pitch - Best Game Design (Nominated) - Best Innovation (Nominated)

GameJam+ 2022 | The Chef's Shift

Game of The Year - Best Asia Game - Best Game Design - Best Art Direction

BGDJam 2022 | Slice and Dice

1st Place

IGSI GameJam 2022 | Halo Polisi

Best Fun Game Winners

Let's Talk!

If there's anything you'd like to discuss with me, feel free to send an email to me at,
or just fill out this handy little form